Custom Code Solutions

From idea to deployment. Our cutting-edge custom code solutions build a competitive advantage for your business.

From concept to deployment. And beyond.

Backed by our expertise in Application Lifecycle Management, our proven approach to developing custom software delivers high quality work, a rapid go-to market time and ensures the best Return on Investment for our customers.

Our expertise

We master select technologies that meet the needs of todays application development projects.

Our pixel perfect user interfaces and workflow concepts give our applications a high quality ‘touch and feel’. No matter on which screen it will render.

More applications shift to the cloud and are executed in web browsers. Using the most modern languages and development methodologies, our web applications run on virtually any browser and any device.

Take your applications on the road. We develop native applications for both Android and iOS devices – opening new possibilities for your use cases.

Communication between applications and services is key. Our solid API designs allow your application the share and interchange data with any source/destination needed.

No matter which source or the size, ElasticSearch is designed to handle large data queries with ease. We hand over the key to your data by integrating ElasticSearch into your applications.

Need a proof of concept or a limited running demo of your idea? We develop functioning prototypes quickly and on a modest budget.

Enhance your existing SAP landscape with SAP Fiori and custom developed apps that enable your workforce to interact with your processes and business data  in completely new ways.

«blueworks is not only on top of technology and a reliable asset but keeps the ball flat and approaches each challenge methodically and delivers creative and efficient solutions to our customers. We are extremely pleased with this partnership and look forward to tackling more projects with them in the future.»

Michael Wille, Managing Director
Plan Software Entwicklung und Beratung GmbH

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