Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager 7.2

With Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 you get a turn-key project management, implementation and testing solution for your transformation projects.

Best Practice. Out of the Box.

The Focus Build Add-on enhances your Portfolio to Project and Requirement to Deploy workflows and allows you to implement SAP best practice approach without the need of hours of Solution Manager configuration. The UI5 Applications provide a crisp and clean user experiences for all levels of the project organisation. With powerful dashboards for transparency and reporting you can keep an eye on your entire project and take corrective action where and when needed.

Enable Agile Development.

Focused Build is designed to be used with agile development methodologies. Manage your project in releases, phases, waves and sprints. The tools approach to managing distributed teams and 3rd party integrations keep communication channels short and simple.

Succeed with DevOps. Automated test planning and change & release management support continuous delivery & integration.

Simplified Test Management.

Ensure project quality with regular Q-gates and Focused Build’ test management capabilities such as the test-step designer. Design clear and reproducible testing processes for your testers and make sure evidence of testing is generated where needed.

Training Included.

All Focused Build customers get access to role-based training units at no additional cost. Trainings range from basic methodology to in-depth application training so your team can focus on the project and leverage all benefits Focused Build has to offer.

Get Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

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Jump Start your Project.

Role-based training is a great way to get your team ready. With a dedicated tool coach, you can put your mind at ease and rely on a professional and best-practice implementation of Focused Build in your SAP landscape.

We at blueworks have successfully completed a number of Focused Build implementations and supported our customers in the role of Focused Build Technology Coach. Profit from our knowhow and experience to streamline your Focused Build implementation.